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Never Use Jewelry Cleaner on Black Hills Gold Jewelry.  Clean with a mild soap and a soft brush.  For more information go to Cleaning.


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Top 5 Styles of South Dakota Black Hills Gold Jewelry The Top 5 Best Styles of South Dakota Black Hills Gold Jewelry Top 5 List of Amazing Styles of South Dakota Black Hills Gold Jewelry When it comes to getting authentic South Dakota Black Hills Gold jewelry there are a ton of options to choose from. This unique and finely crafted style of jewelry used to be incredibly rare but now thanks to the power of the Internet getting your hands on it is much easier than it used to be. Black Hills Gold jewelry is known for its exceptionally well-crafted bands and brilliant gemstones. Here's a list of the top five styles of South Dakota Black Hills Gold jewelry that you may want to check out. 1. Diamond Rings Something that is always popular when comes to jewelry of any kind is diamond rings. They are pretty much a staple for special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, engagements and more. Black Hills Gold Jewelry is always an excellent choice when comes to diamond rings thanks to the fact that the uniquely crafted band is designed to be extremely eye-catching as well as to enhance the gem itself. 2. Wedding Ring Sets Speaking of weddings, wedding ring sets in the Black Hills Gold Jewelry style are always an excellent way to make the occasion even more special. Many people think that wedding ring sets have to be boring but the uniquely crafted Black Hills Gold style is extremely striking and takes the concept of wedding ring sets to a whole new level. 3. Gemstone Rings and Birthstone Rings Gemstone rings and birthstone rings are always fun especially those crafted in the South Dakota Black Hills Gold Jewelry style. With a strong focus on creativity and intense styling you’ll be surprised at the complements you get when wearing these rings. In addition to that they also make excellent gifts; especially birthstone rings which are great for men and women. 4. Engagement Rings and Promise Rings Engagement rings are always impressive but why not take things a step further and get them in the Black Hills Gold Jjewelry style. Making your partner feel special is easy when you get them a ring crafted in an artistic style they’ve never seen before. Promise rings typically tend to be very basic and uninspired. This is not the case with the Black Hills Gold Jjewelry style which is intended to be eye-catching and bold in appearance. We want to show how much you really care for your partner without advancing the relationship prematurely this is always a great option. 5. Gold Earrings Gold earrings have been a staple form of jewelry for thousands of years and are still an exceptional way to enhance your look or surprise someone with a special gift. Instead of the basic gold jewelry that most people tend stick with why not turn things up a notch with South Dakota Black Hills Gold Jewelry earrings. These trendy earrings sport credibly creative designs that will not only enhance your outfit and look but also highlight your great taste in unique jewelry. Gold earrings also make exceptional gifts due to their high level of versatility. Bonus Tip: Here's How You Can Get the Best South Dakota Black Hills Gold Jewelry at the Lowest Prices [Resource Box] Jewelry Black Hills Gold.com is your premier online source for authentic South Dakota Black Hills Gold jewelry. Click the link for information on how you can get gemstone rings, gold earrings and much more at super affordable prices!


  1. Mother's Day

    Who is the most important person in your life?  Usually it is your MOM or your spouse.  Mom loved us from the beginning and unconditionally loves us all the way.  Your spouse loves you also.  How do you tell them you love her?  With a fine piece of Black Hills Gold Jewelry from Jewelry Black Hills Gold.  Check out the beautiful Mother’s Birthstone Rings, Birthstone Necklaces and Birthstone Brooches.  If she has one check out all the other pieces that she may like.  If she likes hummingbirds, get her a Hummingbird Necklace.  Whatever she likes you will be sure to find it at Jewelry Black Hills Gold.
    Black Hills Gold comes in 10k Yellow Gold or White Gold and Sterling Silver Family Birthstone Rings.  Our Mother’s Birthstone Rings come from one stone to six stones.  Want something different, check out our Broches
    Want to supervise MOM check out our Lockets.  Not only can you put pictures in side, but there is one especially for MOM
    Make Mothers-day really special this year for your special mother with beautiful Black Hills Gold JewelryBlack Hills Gold Jewelry has all types of special handcrafted Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, and Brooches in Gold or Sterling Silver
    If your Mother Likes Diamonds or Precious Gemstones We have the most uniquely sculptured and beautiful settings for our Diamonds and GemstonesDiamond rings, Diamond Necklaces, and Diamond Earrings. 
    On A budget, look at our CZs and Manmade Gemstones.  Not only are they affordable but are beautiful.  They have the 4 C’s of gemstones.  Vibrant Color, Clarity, Caret, and Cut.  You can check out the birthstone colors on the birthstone page.  Check out the Alexandrite Stone.  It is unique and alive with Color.  All the gemstone is of high quality.  You will not be disappointed. 
    If you have a Mom that is into Horses, check out our Western Jewelry.  Unique and beautiful.  There are many Western Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, and Bracelets to choose from in Gold Or Silver
    Happy Mother’s Day to all you mother’s out there.  Make it easy for them to get you what you really want.  Make a wish list of some of your favorite item, and let them is it.
  2. Legend of Black Hills Gold Jewelry
             During the California gold rush in 1870 Henri Labeau, a French goldsmith, got lost in the Black Hills of South Dakota. While struggling with dehydration and starvation he had fallen asleep, and had a dream he seen a mountain stream with grape vines growing on the banks. After he woke up, he walked over a rise and found the stream and grape vines just like he had dreamt.
              Out of gratitude he dedicated his life to creating jewelry in the shape of grape clusters and leaves styled in rose, green, and yellow gold.
              “Legend has it; good luck comes to all who wear Black Hills Gold Jewelry.”
    Find authentic Black Hills Gold Jewelry at http://www.jewelryblackhillsgold.com
  3. http://www.jewelryblackhillsgold.com/

      Jewelry by Jewelry Black HillsGold.com

     Check out the unique, beautifully hand crafted Gold and Silver jewelry.  Gold and Silver Jewelry you can wear every day.  The more you wear it the prettier and shinier it is.

    You get to purchase authentic Black Hills Gold Jewelry at discount prices at www.JewelryBlackHillsGold.com .  Come and enjoy a great shopping experience on the easy to navigate online store www.JewelryBlackHillsGold.com with a huge selection to choose from and great customer service. 

    Beautiful Black Hills Gold Jewelry at www.JewelryBlackHillsGold.com .  The huge selection gives you the perfect piece of Jewelry for any occasion.  At www.JewelryBlackHillsGold.com you will find Mother's Rings, Father's Jewelry, Money Clips, Bolos, Pins and Tie Tacs all under Family Jewelry.  You will find Gold and Silver Rings, Necklaces, Sliders, Earrings, Ear Pins and much more. 

    This beautiful Jewelry is authentic Black Hills Gold Jewelry, made in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  We have the perfect gift or every one of your loved ones.  Something they can cherish and remember you for the rest of life.

    www.JewelryBlackHillsGold.com has some of the most unique hand crafted Wedding Set you will find.  Our Diamonds are selected for their Clarity, Color, Cut, Caret and Quality.  You can special order your diamond to suite your taste and have it set in any one of our unique settings of 14k Yellow or White Gold or Sterling Silver.

    If you like beautiful  precious gemstones, you will love what you can find at www.JewelryBlackHillsGold.com.  Our gemstones are selected for Clarity, Color, Cut, Caret and Quality also and can be set in Yellow or White Gold or Sterling Silver. 

    Our Birthstones are the most brilliant and colorful you will find anywhere.  We have some of the most vibrant synthetic stone in the universe. 

     www.JewelryBlackHillsGold.com  ‘s easy to navigate online store will get you to that prefect piece of jewelry you have been looking for within a few point and clicks.  

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