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Black Hills Gold Silver Western Tie Accessories
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Never Use Jewelry Cleaner on Black Hills Gold Jewelry.  Clean with a mild soap and a soft brush.  For more information go to Cleaning.


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Recently Viewed

Recently Viewed

All Tie-Tacks can be special ordered as Pins. Call 570-962-3769
Black Hills Silver Tie Tacks will be one of the most unique seen by all. Our Tie Tacks come in almost any western symbol you can think of. Wildlife Tie Tacks, Fish Tie Tacks, Horse Tie Tacks, Eagle Tie Tacks, Pheasant Tie Tacks in silver.
Black Hills Gold Silver Western Accessories

Black Hills Gold Silver Western Accessories

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Black Hills Gold Silver American Flag Pin (SKU: MR5291)Black Hills Gold Silver American Flag Pin (SKU: MR5291)
Black Hills Gold Silver Eagle Pin (SKU: 2MR6249)Black Hills Gold Silver Eagle Pin (SKU: 2MR6249)
Silver Horse Horseshoe Tie Tack (SKU: MR662)Silver Horse Horseshoe Tie Tack (SKU: MR662)

Black Hills Gold Silver Western Accessories Jewelry

Welcome to Black Hills Gold Jewelry where you will find the best selection of Jewelry Accessories online. Our stylish and affordable fine silver TieTacks, Tie Bars, Tie Chains are a great gifts for men especially with matching Pins.  We select all our Jewelry Tie Accesssories  with great taste, so that you know we'll have styles you like. Our online fine Jewelry is a perfect way to buy Western Jewelry and save money by buying authentic Black Hills Gold Jewelry at discount jewelry stores prices. We hope you have a pleasant shopping experience.
Black Hills Gold Jewelry becomes brighter and prettier the more it is worn.

To clean use a mild soap and water with a soft toothbrush.

Jewelry Black Hills Gold

Black Hills Gold Jewelry offers the largest selection of jewelry imaginable for those looking for authentic Black Hills jewelry, straight out of South Dakota. No matter what you’re looking for, Black Hills Jewelry has exactly what you need in the form of a high quality product at an affordable price. All of our handmade jewelry comes from the Black Hills, and we have a wide array of accessories, including:
  • Silver Horse Tie Tack
  • Silver Horseshoe Tie Tack
  • Silver Eagle Tie Tack
  • Silver Fish Tie Tack

Black Hills Gold Silver Western Accessories

All of the accessories at Black Hills Gold Jewelry are made out of the finest materials with the highest quality There are many types of silver accessories offered that you can’t find anywhere else, including ones with unique shaping and sculptural work. There are accessories for every occasion, for both men and women, including traditional Black Hills Gold Silver Mother's Birthstone Brooch, Silver Horseshoe Tie Tack, HorseTie Tack, , and many more.

Black Hills Gold Silver Western Jewelry

Thank you for visiting Jewelry Black Hills Gold for the best selection of Black Hills Gold Jewelry Accessories online. Our stylish and affordable Silver Tie Tacks, Tie Bars, and Tie Chains are the perfect gift for the men in your life , or for that special someone. You will love our selection of Black Hills Gold Silver Tie Tacs, Tie Bar, Tien Chain.  To special order any of our items a Silver Accessory contact us at 570-962-3769 or cpoorman.bhgj@comcast.net.  We hope you had a pleasant shopping experience.
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Sterling Silver 925

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.  925 will be stamped on the inside of silver jewelry that is made of the fineness Sterling Silver.  You will find only 925 silver on all Jewelry Black Hills Gold Jewelry

Fine silver is 99.9% pure and is generally too soft for producing functional objects; therefore, the silver is usually alloyed with copper to give it strength while preserving the ductility and beauty of the precious metal. Other metals can replace the copper, usually with the intent to improve various properties of the basic sterling alloy such as reducing casting porosity, eliminating fire scale, and increasing resistance to tarnish. These replacement metals include germanium, zinc and platinum, as well as a variety of other additives, including silicon and boron. A number of alloys, such as Argentium sterling silver, have appeared in recent years, formulated to lessen fire scale or to inhibit tarnish, and this has sparked heavy competition among the various manufacturers, who are rushing to make claims of having the best formulation. However, no one alloy has emerged to replace copper as the industry standard, and alloy development is a very active area.

Authentic South Dakota Jewelry Black Hills Gold

Free Shipping on all orders.   

Our Prices are 20% to 70 % Discounts on Suggested Retail Prices.
 Black Hills Gold is beautifully Tri-Colored Gold Jewelry
with a wide verity of  RingsNecklaces,
Pendants, Lockets, Earrings,  Bracelets,
Family Jewelry,  Engagement Rings Wedding Rings,
Belt Buckles, Pins, Bolos,Watches
Gemstone Jewelry draws everyone’s attention with its
bright vivid Synthetic Stones
Your precious stones are hand selected for clarity, color, and quality. 
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