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Black Hills Gold Jewelry FAQ
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Jewelry Black Hills Gold


Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is your jewelry Authentic Black Hills Gold Jewelry?

A Yes. To be Authentic Black Hills Gold Jewelry, it must be made in South Dakota and be in the traditional tri-color gold style usually with the grape leaves.

Q Can it be ordered in different precious metals other than 10k gold?

A Yes. You can order your jewelry in 14k gold, white gold, or sterling silver. See the special order instruction or contact me.

Q Can I order other stones than the one in the picture?

A Yes. Most all jewelry with a gemstone in it can be ordered in precious stones, semi-precious stones, synthetic stone, or colored Zircon stones. Again see special instructions or contact me.

Q Can I order a special size?

A Yes. Most times these are special orders and are neither returnable nor refundable, but I will try my best to accommodate your request.

Q Can I leave a testimonial?

A Please do so. E-mail me you testimonial through my contact me page and I will post it one the site.

Amazon Questions

1. How will you know what birthstones to put in the ring? I have gone through Amazon's checkout process up to actually placing the order and it never asks me about the stones or what size of ring I want.


You can put the size and the months for the birthstones in the message area of the order or you can email me with that information. Yes I can order the ring with genuine stone instead of synthetic stones.

2. Is there an option for genuine birthstones as opposed to synthetic birthstones for this ring?


The cost of the genuine stones is an additional $14.00 per stone except for Diamonds which is an additional cost of $60.00. These prices are only good for the year 2011.

3. Is the ring made of 10K black hills gold?


The ring is in 10k gold but can be ordered in 14k gold also. I would need to get the price on the 14k gold.

4. Why is this ring not listed on the Landstrom's website? Is it something other than Landstrom's?


This is not a Landstrom ring. The manufacture is Mt Rushmore Gold, Rapid City, SD. It is genuine Black Hills Gold and it has a life time warranty. Should you loose a stone, or there be any problem with the workmanship (such as a leaf coming of or breaking) it would be replaced or fixed at no cost to you except for shipping it back to the manufacture.

What is the Rhodium Finish

What is the Rhodium Finish

Similar in color and specularity to polished hexavaent chrome, rhodium is the most tarnish resistant member of the platinum metals group. As a protective coating, rhodium finishes virtually eliminate any chance of surface discoloring even when exposed to extreme environmental conditions under normal temperatures. The surface hardness of plated rhodium is also highly resistant to incidental scratching and abrasion. In fact, with the exception of nickel plated surfaces, rhodium plated finishes are best in class for wearability among the precious metals.
As a result, rhodium's remarkable anti-tarnish characteristics have made it the ideal candidate for protecting the surface finish on white gold jewelry items, tableware, and other decorative objects. The most popular candidate for rhodium plated finishes have been objects constructed from sterling silver. Sterling silver has a tendency to quickly form surface tarnish from exposure to sulfur and other contaminants found in our normal environment. Contact with skin oils, perfumes and other common household chemicals can accelerate the rate of discoloring. Used as protective coating, a rhodium plated finish virtually eliminates the need for frequent cleaning and polishing on all sterling silver objects
Motorcycle  Watch

Motorcycle Watch

This item has been discontinued.


I would need to know the stone and if you would want the same type of stone or a different one.  Once I know this information I could get a price on get the stone replaced.  If there is and inscription on the inside of the ring it might tell me who produced the ring and the replacement may be at no cost if the manufactor has a warranty on replacement of the stone.  If you could get back to me with this information at bhgj.summey@gmail.com I would possible be able to help you.


Do you have a tri gold braided set?

Answer   No we do not carry them as they are not real Black Hills Gold Jewelry.
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Motorcycle Watch

Motorcycle Watch

Motorcycle Watch has been discontinued.
How Do I Log on

How Do I Log on

You do have to log on.  You can use the light blue bar with the catagories to search the site or you can use the site map on the left.  There is no logon.


If I purchase a ring and do not like it can I return it.

Yes.  You can return it for a refund.  You will need an RA number to return it.  Once you contact me that you want to return it I will get an RA number for you.  If you are going to return it please keep the jewelry box it was sent in and the tags should be left on the ring.  Return it in the Jewelry Box with the tags.

Authentic South Dakota Jewelry Black Hills Gold

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